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Exciting Events

We do not only give full throttle during the semester - in summer we go to the racetrack!

Valuable Experiences

From planning to construction and production - more practical relevance is not possible!

your studies

​Collect ECTS and write theses and projects 
in the team.

our network

​We are in direct contact with Austria's largest companies through alumni and sponsors.

Dein Einstieg

//What our alumni say


"It gave me particular pleasure to see the team grow and to enable teammates to implement their ideas in a vehicle. Mostly through organizational support, sometimes with a screwdriver. The strength of the entire team is far more than the sum of its strengths of each individual. "


Alexander Kinzer

Organizational team leader 2015-2018


Your studies are too theoretical for you and you would rather gain practical experience in a young and motivated team? Are you also interested in technology and would like to get an insight into the world of racing? Here you can find out everything about joining Vienna's largest student racing team.  

TU Wien Racing offers students the opportunity to gain an insight into the way racing teams work and to gain additional practical experience in a wide variety of areas. Through their commitment, our members can get to know many different companies and organizations, which can provide a valuable basis for decision-making for a later career entry. Above all, it is important to us to establish a positive and knowledge-promoting climate among our members so that each member can achieve their own goal.

No answer to your question? Then simply contact us!
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